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Unique, decorative, and durable, tile roofs have been used for centuries to protect homes from the elements. Evoking the classic architecture of exotic locations in Spain, the Caribbean, and the American southwest, tile roofs have been popular and desirable throughout the United States, and the Denver area is no exception. Historically, roofing tiles have been made from fired clay, in a number of forms and designed. Today, fired clay tiles are still in use, along with tile roofing materials made of concrete, composite materials, and synthetic polymer materials. From the rounded red tile roofs used in Mediterranean and American Southwestern building designs, to tile used to simulate slate and other roofing materials, these roofs remain a popular choice for specific architectural building styles. At Inline Roofing, installing tile roofs in a wide range of materials and designs is part of our extensive expertise and experience.

Tile Roofs for Colorado Homes Have Unique Requirements

Traditional fired clay rounded roof tiles are less common in Colorado than in many other parts of the country. High winds, wind-driven snow and rain, and other factors limit their applications for homeowners in the Denver area, although such tile roofs are sometimes installed in the greater Denver area. Special installation requirements for such designs add to the price of those roofs, making them costly and uncommon. More commonly, though, tile roofs of other designs, utilizing lower profile designs and made of cement or synthetic materials are often installed to provide a similar appearance or their own unique style. Tile roofing materials are available in Spanish designs, Classic Mission style forms, flat, and other designs, in a wide range of colors and textures.

Tile Roof Installation Demands Experienced, Creative Craftsmen

Installing any tile roof, regardless of the materials used, requires specific installation procedures, which vary widely, depending on the materials and design. In some cases special structural designs themselves must be used to accommodate the weight and installation requirements. Not every roofing contractor has installation crews with the required experience to handle this type of project. At Incline Roofing, we can call on roofers with long experience with tile roof installation who have the creative, resourceful skills needed to properly handle complex designs and the hard won expertise required to create a beautiful, long lasting tile roof for your home. As with every roof we install, quality is our highest priority.

How Much Does a Tile Roof Cost?

There’s no question: A high-quality tile roof costs more than those of most other materials, but that high cost is offset by the long life of a properly installed roof, which can outlast most other materials and provide exceptional beauty and unique charm to any home. Best suited to upscale and luxury homes, these roofs are chosen when there’s no question of compromise in the design and materials used in that home. Each tile roof is unique in its nature and installation requirements, so the cost can only be determined after thorough analysis of the individual project.

Full-Service Roofing Installation Contractor – Denver & Boulder, CO

Whatever materials or designs you prefer, getting a top quality roof means finding the right contractor in the Denver and Boulder metro area. As a leader in roofing technology in Colorado, Incline Roofing is your best choice, no matter which material is on your mind. One call to us brings an experienced, dedicated roofer to your home to provide a consultation on your project and an accurate, competitive cost estimate. We’ll show you all of your options for a high quality roof, give you complete information on your choices of materials, and give you an estimate for the total cost. If you choose us as your contractor, our experienced roofers will complete the installation with the total dedication to quality that has built our solid reputation as the Denver area’s leading roofing contractor. Contact us today for the best in affordability and durability.

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