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When Coloradans travel to Europe, they are often fascinated by the quarried slate roofs they see, some of them hundreds of years old. On cathedrals, mansions, and many other buildings, slate roofs have protected buildings long after other construction materials have been replaced many times. Quarried and split from natural slate stone, they’re tough, durable, and can last for centuries. Today, though, quarried slate shingles have virtually disappeared from the market. They would be far too costly to use, and the laborious, finicky installation process for quarried slate roofs has become a lost art. Fortunately for modern homeowners, roofing materials manufacturers like CertainTeed have created synthetic slate tiles, created from custom-blended polymers. These tiles available in a wide range of natural slate colors and textures that are the perfect substitute for this luxury roofing type. Far easier to install, they retain the durability, unique appearance, and character of natural quarried slate.

How Much Does a Synthetic Slate Roof Cost?

Even though a synthetic slate roof is a luxury material, the cost of these roofs is only a fraction of the cost of those made with quarried slate. Synthetic slate tiles are created economically, using modern manufacturing equipment, rather than being quarried and split. Synthetic slate is also far lighter in weight than natural stone. Installation, too, has been streamlined with synthetic slate roofing. Normal roof decking and underlayments are used, and standard roofing equipment and tools allow the experienced installers from our Colorado roofing company to install synthetic slate roofs efficiently and affordably. The total cost, of course, depends on the size and configuration of your roof, your choice of materials, and the time needed to install this material.

Synthetic Slate Roofs Are a Great Choice for Luxury Homes

The excellent durability, fire and wind resistance and 50-year and longer manufacturer’s limited warranties, along with the luxurious appearance of natural slate, all work together to make synthetic slate roofs a popular choice when beauty and uniqueness is the goal for an upscale home. Without the weight and laborious, time-consuming installation techniques of natural stone, but with all of the good qualities of that classic roofing material, synthetic slate should be one of the options you consider for your high-end home. Installed as individual shingles, their varying width and three-dimensional shadow effects give any home a dramatic presence. As a leading Denver luxury roofing company, our extensive experience in installing these top quality materials is your assurance of a roof you’ll be proud to own.

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As a roofing material for newly built homes, or as a replacement for existing roofs on the Denver area’s finest homes, synthetic slate is a natural choice. The highly skilled and experienced installers at our quality-oriented roofing company take great pride in the beautiful roofs they have installed for local property owners, developers, and builders. Top-quality materials, combined with meticulous craftsmanship, are the keys to a beautiful, durable roof that reflects the quality of fine homes in Colorado. Contact Incline Roofing to discuss a new or replacement roof for any home. In our free, no-obligation consultation, we’ll show you the full range of luxury home roofing materials, including synthetic slate shingles, and provide you with a highly competitive price estimate for your project. Our dedication to high quality roofing materials and installation, along with our dedication to complete customer satisfaction assure you of a great roof for any home.

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