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Historically, roofs made of various metals have protected buildings for centuries. On historic buildings all over the world, you’ll find centuries-old roofs made of metals like copper, zinc and tin. Today, it’s rare to find a new copper roof or a roof made with those other metals, but metal roofs are making a more frequent appearance as a material of choice again today. In Colorado, residential and commercial roofs using steel and aluminum sheets are being installed in increasing numbers throughout the Denver metro area and beyond. The reasons are simple: Metal roofs, made of standing seam steel and newer interlocking aluminum panels, have the durability, energy-saving features and simplicity that mean high value over time. As a leading roofing contractor in Colorado, we’re installing more and more metal roofs each year, as builders, contractors, developers and homeowners learn about the benefits.

Durability, Beauty & Efficiency: Steel & Aluminum Advantages

Today’s metal roofing materials combine a number of unique qualities that make them an excellent choice for both homeowners and commercial property owners. Their durability and weather resistance gives them long life. Modern finishes for these metals create a wide range of creative choices to highlight any home’s appearance. Installation of steel and interlocking aluminum panels is efficient, by design, helping to keep installation costs low and assuring a high-quality, waterproof surface. Typically, metal roofs also quickly shed water and snow, an important factor due to Colorado’s weather conditions. Properly installed on a solid base by the skilled roofers at our roofing company, they’re also quiet, energy efficient, and trouble-free, offering a low-maintenance solution for almost any application.

Metal Roofing Materials Offer a Wide Range of Choices

For many people, thinking about metal roofs calls up images of old corrugated galvanized steel roofs used on barns, sheds and other utility buildings. That’s not what modern roofing is like at all. Today, metal roofing comes in many forms, including:

Vertical Seam Steel Sheets – Manufactured of galvanized steel with high-tech surface coatings, these durable materials come in long sheets that cover the roof from peak to eaves in a single continuous sheet. They are available as through-fastened panels that use gasketed screws to attach the material to the roof deck, or as standing seam panels that overlap at the vertical seam, hiding the fasteners. The standing seam design is most often used in the Denver metro area and is the most common type of metal roof that we install. In all cases, the steel sheets are manufactured with a multi-layer coating system that is designed to last for decades. Various grades are available in standing seam steel, mostly depending on the characteristics of the finish and its resistance to fading and color changes. Installation of these materials is efficient and cost-effective and the materials are proven performers in all climates.

Interlocking Modular Steel & Aluminum Panels – Aluminum and steel roofing is also available in interlocking forms that simulate a wide range of other materials, such as wood shakes, tiles, slate, and other materials. Made of galvanized steel or aluminum, these panels are available in a wide range of multi-layer, durable finishes and textures that accurately simulate a luxurious copper roof or other high-cost materials. Granular finishes are also available. From a distance, it’s almost impossible to detect the difference between these materials and the materials they simulate. These durable modular panels interlock with each other tightly, and all fasteners are hidden. They have excellent water and snow shedding qualities and are highly resistant to wind lifting by design. As a leading Denver roofing contractor, we expertly install these interlocking steel and aluminum roof panels as part of our full-service roofing business.

Costs of Steel & Aluminum Roofs

As with all roofing materials, the cost for roofing your home with steel or aluminum depends on your choice of materials and the cost of installation. Typically, the cost of a steel or aluminum roof is higher than that of an asphalt shingle roof, and is similar to those of roofs made with other more expensive materials. The durability of your steel and aluminum roof is high, however, with manufacturers warranties up to a lifetime available. In addition, some designs are Energy Star rated, and can qualify for tax rebates and other benefits. Their fireproof design and water and snow shedding qualities are other considerations that make them popular with Denver area homeowners.

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When you call Incline Roofing for a free, no-obligation consultation and cost estimate, our roofers will show you the complete range of materials available to you for installation by our seasoned, well trained installers. We’ll carefully explain the pros and cons of each material and give you an accurate cost comparison for your project after measuring and evaluating your roof. Our goal with every customer is to provide accurate, objective information, without any high-pressure sales tactics. We leave the final decision up to you, instead of trying to lead you to choose any particular material. Whatever your decision is, we’ll install your new roof efficiently, properly, and according to all manufacturer recommendations and local requirements. At our Denver and Boulder roofing company, your complete satisfaction is our standard. Call us today to get us started on creating a top quality roof for your home.

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