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Homeowners and commercial property owners in the Denver area know that Colorado’s tough weather conditions throughout the year make high-quality roofing especially important. With the snowstorms, high winds, strong thunderstorms, hail and the glaring sun of our high altitude city and surrounding foothills, only a durable roof can provide the enduring protection needed for long life and value. As a leading roofing service contractor in Denver, we’ve identified the best shingles and other materials from America’s top manufacturers that can handle our local weather conditions. We also know that proper installation of those materials, to meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications, is also essential. Click the links below to learn more about all of the types of roofing we supply and install for our Colorado customers:

When economical pricing, fast installation and excellent durability and appearance are the priorities, fiberglass-reinforced asphalt composition 3-tab shingles are the standard. For replacement roofs and new construction roofing, this type of shingle is popular throughout the region. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, and grades, fiberglass shingles provide an attractive appearance, decades of service, and low cost for homeowners. We supply and install only affordable durable fiberglass composition shingles, from nationally renowned manufacturers like CertainTeed and GAF, and can help you select the type and style that meet your exact requirements.

Offering a three-dimensional appearance, varying color, and long life, laminated architectural shingles from leading manufacturers are the material of choice for upscale homes throughout the Denver metro area. Using a multi-layer design, these heavy-duty shingles provide a dramatic appearance, along with superior strength and outstanding weather resistance. Warranties for these long-lasting shingles can include lifetime warranties, while their exceptional endurance, beauty and individuality make them a popular step up from standard asphalt shingles. Installed professionally by our seasoned roofers, they give you outstanding performance.

Once one of the most popular roofing materials for luxurious homes and mountain cabins alike, cedar shake roofs are less popular today. In some communities, they are not currently allowed, due to their higher flammability over other materials. Still, they remain a popular choice for some homeowners, and Incline Roofing has highly skilled roofers with long experience in installing cedar shake roofs. Their natural appearance, durability, and graceful natural aging qualities keep them in demand for many homes. If a cedar shake roof is your choice, our leading roofing company is the right choice for installation.

You’ll find slate roofs, made of quarried natural slate on stately, centuries-old buildings throughout the world. Today, quarried slate is rare as a roofing material, but the demand for the unique appearance of this material and its enduring qualities has led to the creation of synthetic slate shingles by a number of reputable manufacturers. Popular with architects and desired by owners of upscale homes, installing these shingles requires specialize skills and training. Painstakingly installed by experienced, seasoned roofers, a synthetic slate roof is a strong esthetic statement for any home, and is a truly luxurious addition to your home.

As a roofing material, tiles evoke Mediterranean and Southwestern American architectures. Once made only of fired clay tiles, today’s tiles are manufactured from a wide range of materials that offer a similar appearance, but offer simpler installation and an even longer, maintenance-free life. As the most trusted roofing contractor in Denver, we can show you a wide range of tiles that will give your property a unique appearance and offer unmatched protection for your home. Our skilled roofing technicians will install the tiles, using the proper techniques, to give your home a unique look that makes it stand out from the rest.

A growing trend in Colorado roofing materials is the use of steel and aluminum metal roofing materials, both standing seam steel roofs and interlocking metal roofs for both residential and commercial properties. Engineered to last a lifetime, these roofs are available in a wide range of colors and styles, and offer unmatched endurance and beauty, along with superior snow-shedding qualities and a leak-free, weather resistant finish. As a leader in Denver area roofing, installing these steel and aluminum metal roofing materials is a specialty for us, and we will be happy to show you the many options available to you in metal roofing materials. Contact us to explore the possibilities for a metal roof for your property.

Many commercial buildings and multi-family residential buildings, along with some single-family homes, have flat or low-slope roofs. These require continuous membrane materials that are waterproof and demand specialized roofing skills and techniques. We install EPDM and modified bitumen roofs, along with roofs using new membrane technologies, using proven and time-tested installation methods. Quality installation and attention to detail are crucial for these installations, and our experienced flat installers assure you of durable, leak-proof installations. We also offer repair services for flat and low-slope roofs.

Whatever the Roofing Type, Our Roofers Are the Best Choice in Denver, CO

As Colorado’s leading roofing contractor, our two decades of service to the Denver metro area, including Boulder area communities, is based on providing top-quality installation of the complete range of roofing materials. Our seasoned, superbly trained roofing craftsmen have the skills and experience needed to handle any roofing job, regardless of materials. For every roofing material, our meticulous craftsmanship and adherence to the most demanding manufacturer’s standards is your assurance of atop quality roof that will protect your property for decades to come. Our prices are always competitive, but our total dedication to quality makes us Denver’s best choice in roofing. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for your roof.

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