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Roofing shingles currently on the market are designed to protect homes and buildings for decades or even a lifetime. For homeowners and commercial property owners, thinking about the roof over their heads isn’t something that comes up very often. Still, every roof has a lifetime, and will eventually need to be replaced. Even though it’s an infrequent need, as long as the existing roof is of good materials and is installed properly, it’s worth thinking about from time to time. At our Colorado roofing company, replacement roofs make up a large percentage of our business. When a replacement service is needed for whatever reasons, it’s a major investment, so we make quality, durability and workmanship our highest priorities. Is your roof in need of replacement? If you’re wondering about that, here are some things to consider. Click the links below for complete information on these issues:

The ideal time to replace a roof is near the end of its life, but while it’s still protecting your home, family and your valuable possessions. Of course, if your roof begins to leak or is damaged by weather or other conditions, you may need to replace it earlier than you expected. If you’ve started wondering whether the time has come to install a replacement one, the tips at the link above will help you make that decision, but the best way to answer this question is to have an evaluation by a trusted roofing contractor.

Once your roof begins leaking, it’s obvious that you need to have it looked at by a qualified professional roofer. It’s far better, though, to spot conditions that may indicate it needs attention before the damage is already done. Click the link above to find 6 ways you can make a preliminary evaluation and see the signs that let you call a roofer before problems develop. These tips can also help you check the roof on a home you’re considering for purchase.

When you need a professional evaluation of your existing roof, it’s important to have it inspected and evaluated by a contractor you can trust. The door-to-door salespeople from some companies are almost never skilled roofers. They’re just salespeople looking for replacement jobs. At the link above, you’ll learn how to evaluate contractors so you can choose a reliable, trusted roofer to provide a free, no-obligation evaluation and cost estimate.

If your roof does need replacement, the cost is naturally of concern to you, and it’s the first question most property owners ask us. There’s no simple answer for this question, since the cost depends on a number of factors. Our answer is to help property owners make the best decisions for all of those factors by providing accurate information on their choices. Click the link above for information on what goes into our competitive cost estimates.

As a leading Denver roofing contractor, we work to provide clear, objective answers to a wide range of questions property owners ask us about their roof. When you contact us for a free, no-obligation roof evaluation and estimate, you’ll be able to ask us any question you may have. You can rely on our answers to help you make your own decisions. Our dedication to complete customer service means you’ll have the facts you need.

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In our two decades of serving the roofing needs of property owners throughout the Denver metro area, we’ve earned our A+ Better Business Bureau rating through competitive pricing, top quality materials and workmanship and by focusing on quality throughout every job we do. Part of that process is helping homeowners and commercial property owners understand the roofing materials and the installation process. We understand that good decisions come from accurate information provided in an objective way to each customer. Contact us today and let us show you how we’ve earned our reputation as a high-quality roofing contractor in Colorado.

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