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Take a look at any roof and you’ll see the end result of the installation work. Once it is finished, though, you can no longer see what’s under its surface. A great-looking roof is important, of course, but appearances are no indication of its overall quality. The craftsmanship is what determines its durability over time and makes all the difference in how well it performs its job of protecting the building it covers and the valuable property inside that building. Unfortunately, many roofs are not installed properly or with care, and the result can be premature failure and expensive repairs.

In our two decades of installing affordable and durable roofs in the Denver areas, everyone at Incline Roofing has seen the results of roof installations where corners were cut and important steps were omitted. When we tear off an old roof to prepare for a new installation, we get a close look at how the previous work was done. All too often, we are called on to replace a roof that should have lasted years longer than it did. At our locally owned, quality-oriented roofing company, we always get the job done the right way. Our dedication to complete customer satisfaction demands that we have the best-trained installers and pay attention to every detail, without any shortcuts or compromises. Here’s what goes into our roof installation process:

Selection of Materials – Durable shingles are essential for a long-lasting roof that looks terrific throughout its life. Since shingles are only a part of the total cost of a new roof, we recommend choosing the best grade and type within your budget for best results. Our consultants will recommend only the shingle materials that we trust and are made by proven manufacturers. The final choice is up to you.

Removal of Old Roofing Materials – This is a crucial step in any replacement project. In the past, some roofers would simply add a new layer of shingles on top of the old layer. That guaranteed that the new roof would fail long before it should. We carefully remove every trace of the old roof, right down to the bare decking. All debris from this removal is collected and removed promptly.

Inspection & Preparation of Roof Decking – The quality of a finished roof depends on the integrity of the it decking underneath. After removing the old shingles, we carefully inspect the old decking. We replace all deteriorated, unsound, or damaged decking. In some cases, entirely new decking may be required. Our roofers never make the new installation over faulty decking. Decking must be level, smooth, continuous, and must meet applicable building codes.

Installation of Underlayments – Before installing the new shingles, the proper underlayment must be placed. This varies with the type of new roof. In Colorado, part of underlayment placement includes a special ice and water membrane material near the eaves. This helps prevent leaks caused by ice dams.

Installation of New Shingles – Each type of roofing requires different building techniques. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations completely is the best assurance of high quality. Where valleys, skylights, chimneys, and other roof penetrations exist, careful attention to proper installation of appropriate flashing and other materials is part of every job. Drip edges, ventilation fixtures, and other elements also require expertise. Our experienced and highly trained roofers take all the time needed to do the job right every time. We work efficiently and carefully to make sure your new roof looks great and is ready to give you flawless service.

Completion – Special attention is paid to peaks and hips, valleys, and other details during installation. Once the roof is finished, our crews carefully clean up all debris, including any stray nails or other fasteners and the entire job is carefully inspected. We invite the property owner to check our work thoroughly and we point out the features of their new roof. We encourage our customers to contact us immediately about any rare issues that come up. We will correct any problems that are due to workmanship issues.

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Installing a new roof on your home is a big job and a major investment for you. At Incline Roofing, the quality of our work is as important to us as it is to you. We stake our reputation as the Denver area’s leading roofing contractor on the quality of every job and on the complete satisfaction of every customer. From our courteous, hard-working and efficient crews to our careful supervision of every job, quality is our highest priority. From the time you call us for a free estimate for you new roof to the time the job is finished, you’ll recognize our dedication to your satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss your roofing needs, and let us show you how we’ve earned our reputation as Denver’s leader in roofing.

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