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How to Inspect Your Own Roof in Denver, CO

Homeowners and commercial property owners are often concerned with the condition of their roofs. While only an experienced roofer can conduct a detailed inspection of a roof to determine whether it is sound or needs repairs or replacement, there are many things property owners can do to check their own roof. In fact, it’s a good idea to give your roof a careful look every year or two, typically in the Spring after all snow accumulation is gone and before the heat of Summer arrives. You’ll be able to see any obvious issues that may have developed and can get a good idea of how your roof is holding up in general. The tips below are good guidelines to follow. If you have any concerns about your roof, contact Incline Exteriors Roofing to discuss those issues with a seasoned expert:

Check Overall Appearance – From a distance, take a good look at the overall appearance of your roof. Look for branches and debris on the roof, and look for discoloration of shingles and any obvious damage. Scan the entire roof systematically to make sure you see all areas. Make a note of anything you notice that concerns you.

Inspect Your Roof with Binoculars – To avoid unnecessary foot traffic on your roof and to avoid the risk of falls and injury, use a pair of good binoculars to inspect your roof in closer detail. Look for curled or lifted shingles, missing or damaged shingles and loosened or damaged flashing around chimneys, dormers and other penetrations.

Check Shingles Near Eaves – Very carefully, you can use a ladder to inspect eaves areas and gutters on your roof. Here again, look for curled, damaged, cracked, worn or lifted shingles. Always use ladders carefully and have an assistant on hand. This check is especially important if you noticed large icicles during the winter months, which may indicate the formation of ice dams. Note any issues, and have gutters cleaned if they contain debris.

Look for Mineral Granules in Gutters – If you find large quantities of mineral granules in your rain gutters, this could indicate deteriorating asphalt composition shingle surfaces. Small amounts of mineral granules are normal and shouldn’t be of concern. If gutters are full of debris, they should be cleaned so they can properly handle rainwater from the roof.

Inspect the Interior – If you can do so safely, use a strong flashlight to look into your attic to view the underside of your roof. Look for evidence of water leakage, such as water-stained roof decking. Such staining can persist for years, and may have occurred long ago, but stains can also indicate a developing problem with your current roof.

Stay Off the Roof Surface – Foot traffic on roofs can lead to damage to roofing materials and creates a high risk of falls. At Incline Roofing, we recommend that homeowners stay off their roof. If something needs a close inspection, rely on our experienced roofing experts to safely inspect your roof. Don’t risk a fall and injury. Call us if you have concerns that require rooftop access.

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At our locally owned Colorado roofing company, we encourage property owners to take an interest in their own roofs and to be proactive in examining their own roofs through the years. However, we also encourage any do-it-yourself roof inspections to be done safely, and advise all property owners to stay off their roofs for safety’s sake and to avoid damaging shingles and other materials. If you think your roof has condition issues that may require repairs or a roof replacement, please contact us for a professional evaluation by a roofing specialist. We’ll be happy to consult with you on all roofing issues and to provide free estimates for all roofing work. Just give us a call to discuss any issues with your roof. We’re always here to provide service to Denver area property owners.

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