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The roof on any home does much more than just keep the rain and snow out of living spaces, although that is its primary function. A sound, properly installed roof of any type can serve that purpose, but today’s shingles provide a wide range of choices for homeowners. At our locally owned roofing company in Denver, we install a wide variety of residential roofs throughout the metro area, including all suburban and foothill communities. From economical roofs to meet tight budgets to luxurious roofs that will last a lifetime and give a home unique beauty, each installation is done with the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

A properly installed roof is crucial to protect your home from the elements, and Colorado presents a wide range of weather challenges. Every type of materials, from the simplest fiberglass asphalt composition shingles to luxurious synthetic slate shingles requires installation by experienced and well-trained roofers. Additionally, the installation must be completed according to the manufacturer’s precise requirements. A poorly installed roof won’t last and could fail prematurely to protect your home from expensive damage. In fact, a shoddy installation that doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s standards can cause its warranty to be void, as many homeowners have discovered far too late. As a leading, trusted roofing contractor in Colorado, our high workmanship standards for every installation assures you that the money you spend on a new or replacement roof will protect your investment.

We Install All Residential Roofing Shingles for Denver Homeowners

Our experienced, carefully trained crews properly install every type of shingles, following manufacturer’s specifications and cutting no corners. No matter how complex the roof, proper installation is the key to long life and enduring beauty for your home. Count on Incline Exteriors Roofing for all roofing types and services. Click the links below for complete information on roofing materials:

Asphalt Composition Shingles – High-quality fiberglass asphalt composition shingle roofs are an economical and enduring choice for many homeowners and rental property owners. Today’s Class A fiberglass composition shingles will provide weather protection and attractive appearance for decades when installed by our skilled roofers.

Laminated Architectural Shingles – Designed for their distinctive appearance and long life, these carefully engineered laminated shingles give your roof a three-dimensional appearance that enhances your home’s value, while assuring you of long life and excellent value for your investment.

Cedar Shakes – Long a classic material, cedar shake roofs offer a unique appearance that weathers beautifully over time. Today, with some communities prohibiting these roofs, they are less in demand, but our Colorado roofing company expertly installs these roofs for our residential clients.

Synthetic Slate Shingles – Natural slate roofs, once the roofing material of choice for luxurious homes, are almost never installed today. Modern materials, however, duplicate the unique appearance and long life of slate roofs for discerning homeowners seeking the beauty and uniqueness of this roof material.

Tile – For some architectural designs, the look of a classic ceramic tile roof is almost essential. Today, concrete and synthetic tile roofing materials offer alternatives to ceramic clay tiles, providing the same beauty, while offering even longer lifetimes and better weather protection. Let us show you all options.

Metal – Steel & Aluminum – Today’s standing seam steel and interlocking aluminum roofs have become more and more popular on Denver area homes, and with good reason. Offering excellent protection, even in hailstorms that can damage other roofs, they are beautiful in appearance, shed snow quickly, and can last a lifetime.

Flat & Low Slope – For Colorado homes designed with flat or low-slope roofs, Incline Roofing has long experience and expertise in installing EPDM and modified bitumen materials for new flat roofs.

Roof Repair & Damage Restoration Services – Count on us for all repairs and damage restoration services. In many cases, there’s no need to replace your roof if it’s leaking. We also work with you and your insurance company to handle all roof damage issues.

Snow & Ice Dam Removal Services – When Colorado’s heavy snows create dangerous buildups on your home or if ice dams form and threaten expensive roof leaks, call our Denver roofing company to take care of these problems correctly. Don’t try to do these jobs yourself.

Top-Rated Denver Residential Roofing Services

As a leading roofing contractor in Colorado, we serve the entire greater Denver metro area, extending to Boulder. For all residential roofing needs, you only need to make one call to get the best service at highly competitive prices. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction means that we’re not done until you’re completely satisfied with our work. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for your residential roofing needs and we’ll show you why Incline Roofing stands above the rest.

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