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When to Replace Your Roof?

For homeowners and commercial property owners in the Denver metro area and surrounding communities, including Boulder, the question about when to replace a roof can be a difficult one to answer. When properly installed, modern roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, will last for decades. It’s difficult to tell the condition of a roof just by looking at it, even for experts, and property owners usually can’t determine its condition accurately. One thing is certain, though: unnecessary replacement doesn’t make any sense. At our trusted Colorado roofing company, we often are pleased to tell property owners who contact us for an evaluation that their roof is actually in good condition and can give them many years of additional service. Still, every roof will eventually need replacement, so it’s important to know when to consider calling a reliable, professional roofer to get the project started. If any of the following situations describe your home or property’s roof, call us for a free, no-obligation evaluation:

Leaks – Any time your roof is leaking and you see the telltale signs like ceiling stains or water damage inside your home, it’s crucial to consult with a reputable roofing contractor right away. The good new is that leaks in an otherwise sound roof often can be repaired economically, giving it more years of service. At our trusted roofing company, we’ll never try to sell you a new roof if a repair will solve the problem properly. If a leak is a symptom of more serious problems, however, we’ll explain that to you and can give you a competitive cost estimate for replacement.

Storm Damage – The Denver area is well known for its strong thunderstorms, often accompanied by large hail (marble sized and larger) and high winds. Both can damage a roof and require replacement. If tree limbs or even an entire tree falls on your home, that damage may also require re-roofing. Even if damage from hail or wind isn’t immediately visible, you should call us for an inspection promptly. Fortunately, your homeowner’s insurance should reimburse you for the cost of repairs or replacement.

Aging Residential & Commercial Roofs – Despite the endurance of modern shingles, age takes its toll on any roof. Old shingles can begin to curl and lift, lose their granular coating or crack and break. If you suspect that your aging roof needs attention, contact us for an evaluation. It’s free, and there’s no obligation on your part. We’ll carefully check the condition of your roof and give you accurate and objective advice. Often, appearance issues or the growth of lichens don’t indicate the need for replacement, but it’s wise to get a professional opinion if you’re concerned.

Appearance Issues – Even when an aging roof doesn’t need replacement, discolored shingles can affect your pride of ownership in your home. In other cases, homeowners may make a wide range of improvements to give their home a new look, and replacing an old roof with brand new shingles or even upgrading the shingles is often a great way to spruce up a home you’ve just purchased or to give your home a major facelift. At a top Denver roof replacement contractor, we’ll be glad to help you with home improvement.

Preparing a Home for Sale – If you’re putting your home on the market, take a good look at its roof. If it’s looking old or shabby, it’s a real detriment to the value of your home. Often, prospective buyers simply won’t make an offer on a home with an aging roof, even if the rest of the home is fine. Even if they make an offer, it will be lower than it should be, since the buyer will be planning a roof replacement. We can transform the look of your home with a fresh roof, assuring you of great curb appeal and confidence for your prospective buyers. We can also offer buyers an affordable, comprehensive roof inspection for any home they are considering.

Trusted Contractor for Roof Replacement in Denver, CO

Does your roof need replacing? If you think it might, make a call to Incline Roofing for a free, no-obligation evaluation and cost estimate. We’ll check your roof to determine its condition and give you an honest, objective evaluation. If your current roof is in good condition and will provide you good service for years to come, we’ll tell you so. We’ll never advise you to replace a perfectly good roof, like some companies might do. If it does need replacing, though, we’ll give you a highly competitive cost estimate for replacement, after thoroughly evaluating your roof, making careful measurements and giving you a wide range of materials from which to choose. Our total commitment to integrity, honesty, and customer satisfaction is your assurance that your roof is in expert hands with our Denver area roofing company.

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