5 Reasons to Avoid a Low Price Roof

There’s one thing that’s certain in the roofing business: A cheap roof is always very expensive. While that may seem contradictory, it’s true. If you have a roof installed using cheap shingles and installed by unskilled, untrained roofers, you might get a low price, but it’s not going to last. Long before it should, a low price roof will need replacement again, and the money you have spent will be lost. A properly installed roof, using durable shingles or other materials should last for 20 years or longer. In many cases, it will last a lifetime. The true cost of a roof is measured by dividing its cost by the number of years it is in service. If you save part of the cost by cutting corners, it could fail in just a few years and require replacement again. When a cheap roof fails, its cost per year will be far higher than a durable one installed by a reputable contractor. At Incline Roofing, we absolutely will never cut corners, because we know that cheap roofs are no bargain at any price. Here are some of the reasons that cheap roofs don’t last and end up costing property owners plenty:

Roofs Installed over Old Shingles Fail Early – If new shingles are applied on top of an old roof, they may look fine for a while. But every roof depends on the quality of the surface underneath it, and an old roof is a poor surface to begin with or it wouldn’t need replacement. Most area building codes and industry and manufacturers’ standards require removing old shingles down to the decking before a new installation. No legitimate roofer will recommend overlaying a new roof over old shingles. Our company will not even suggest such a practice.

Roofs Installed over Defective Decking – The roof deck on your home is a crucial part of your finished roof. Depending on the age of your home, your deck may be made of individual boards, plywood, or another material. Before the new installation begins, all old roofing must be removed and any defects in the decking must be repaired or replaced. Without a proper, sound deck, your new roof doesn’t have a chance of lasting for decades. Proper decking is an essential factor for our Denver roofing company.

Inadequate Underlayments – Before your new shingles are installed, placement of proper underlayment materials is essential. Depending on the roofing type, building codes, and other factors, your roofer should properly install the correct underlayments to cover the entire deck. Skimping on this step might save a little money, but you’ll pay for poor underlayments later. At our Colorado roofing company, high-quality underlayments are standard.

Low Price Shingles – Today’s high-quality roofing shingles have lifetimes measured in decades. Substandard shingles, though, are still available to unscrupulous contractors. Class B or Class C shingles may be less expensive, but can’t provide the long life and protection you need. Class A roofing shingles and installation practices are the minimum grade that should be installed on any home in Denver. We only use high-quality shingles and install them correctly.

Shoddy Installation Practices – Proper installation of shingles takes time, care, and attention to details. You might save money if a roofer does a slipshod installation job, but poor installation is costly in the long run. Manufacturer’s warranties on shingles are void if they are not installed according to manufacturer’s standards. There are good reasons for this, since proper installation is essential for a durable, long-lived roof. At Incline Roofing, we meet and exceed manufacturer’s recommended installation standards on every job.

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As a leader in quality installations, our Colorado roofing company often encounters low price roofs, installed poorly when we replace them. They have failed long before they should have, forcing property owners to replace them prematurely. All too often, the roofers who installed them are nowhere to be found. That’s why Incline Exteriors Roofing has never installed and will never install a cheap, substandard roof. We’re in the business for the long haul, and complete satisfaction for every customer is our standard. Durable roofs, using top-quality shingles and installed with outstanding roofers are how we built our reputation. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for your new or replacement roof. We’ll show you why our insistence on quality gives you the competitive pricing and high value over time you demand and deserve.

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