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How Much Will My New Roof Cost?

Every time the experts at our Denver area roofing company consults with a property owner, the most important question we hear is, “How much is my roof going to cost?” That’s only natural, since a new or replacement roof for a home or commercial building is an important investment in that property. The answer to that question, though, isn’t as simple as it seems. Before we can provide an accurate estimate of the cost of the roof, we first have to determine a number of factors that contribute to the cost. When a customer calls us for our free, no-obligation consultation and estimate, one of our roofers comes to your home ready to get the answers we need to determine the cost. Here are some of the factors that determine that cost:

Roofing in Denver ColoradoThe Size – One of the most important factors in the price of a new roof is the square footage of the roof itself. Roofing materials, like shingles, are priced by the square foot, so we make accurate measurements to determine the total square footage that will be covered.

The Design – Installing a simple gable roof is the simplest job, and thus has the lowest cost per square foot. Hip roofs, roofs with valleys, skylights, dormers and other complex design elements create more complicated installation processes and take longer to complete. The time and labor required to install your new roof is a major part of its cost. The complexity also determines the amount of specialty materials needed.

Removal of Old Materials – Before your new roof can be installed on an existing building, we have to remove the old shingles, right down to the roof decking. We’ll determine how much time this will take. That becomes part of the cost. The cost of disposing of the old shingles is also part of this part of your estimate.

New Roof ShinglesRoofing Materials – Deciding what materials to use has a major effect on the price. Today, there is a wide range of materials you can choose, in a range of grades and warranty coverage. During our consultation with you, we’ll show your all of your options, explain the pros and cons of each material, and discuss how the materials affect the final price. We install all types of shingles, so the choice is yours. You’ll never get a high-pressure sales pitch from us.

Condition of Decking – The materials underneath your old roof are an important factor for any replacement job. For older homes and when a roof has been neglected, the old decking may require repairs or even replacement. Our inspection, which will include checking the underside of the decking can help us determine the condition of the decking, but problems sometimes show up only after we remove the old shingles. Your new roof needs a solid deck in good condition as its foundation.

Insist on a Complete Cost Estimate – Unlike some contractors in Denver, Incline Exteriors Roofing will provide you with a complete, accurate all-inclusive cost estimate. We’ll fully inform you of possible additional costs, like needed decking repairs or replacement, and include an itemized price list. You’ll know the total cost up-front, with no hidden charges, for each type or grade of the shingle materials you’re considering. When comparing estimates from multiple contractors, be sure you’re comparing complete pricing estimates.

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Every roofing job is unique, so providing an accurate, complete price estimate for any roof replacement or new installation project requires a careful analysis of all factors. Before committing to having your roofing work done, you should insist on a complete estimate that includes all factors that determine the final price. Your estimate should also give you a clear idea of how much possible additional work, such as decking repairs might cost. We will always discuss all aspects of your project with you, make careful measurements and evaluate your project. We’ll work with you to help you decide what type and grade of shingles will be used, and then provide you with a highly competitive, accurate price estimate for a high quality roof, expertly installed. We will give you the accurate information you need, answer your questions, and then leave the decision up to you. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation roofing estimate.

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