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Roof Damage Insurance Restoration Services – Denver, CO

Denver area weather conditions are always on property owners’ minds. When it comes to your roof, severe weather has the potential to cause serious damage to the roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, that keep your home safe from water intrusion. Powerful storms are common in Colorado, bringing torrential rains, large hail, high winds and other harsh conditions. Quick action can prevent additional damage, and homeowner’s insurance or business insurance generally covers such repairs to restore your roof. Often, though problems aren’t immediately apparent, especially from hailstorms and high winds. Professional evaluation by experienced roofers is often the only way to detect and access such damage.

If you suspect that weather conditions may have caused problems to your roof, don’t delay. Putting off evaluation and repair can lead to more problems to your home. Even if you can’t see the actual damage, a severe hail or windstorm should prompt you to carefully evaluate its effects on your roof. Your insurance company wants to cover any restoration, and will pay for any legitimate repairs required, but they’re not motivated to do so without evidence. Here’s a guide to what to do, following a severe storm with high winds and large hail that make you worry about potential damage:

Contact Your Insurance Company – As soon as the storm is over, call your insurance company and inform them of any obvious or suspected damage to your roof. Open a claim with them, and tell them you want Incline Roofing to handle any necessary repairs. They’ll give you a claim number, which you should record for quick reference.

Call Incline Roofing for an Inspection – We’ll send a fully qualified inspector to your property. He will identify and list any damage to your roof and document it thoroughly. Our inspector will find any problem that may not be easily visible to inexperienced eyes. Our complete inspection will locate all damaged areas on your roof.

Assess & Evaluate Damage – We will be happy to work with your insurance adjuster, and can meet with the adjuster at your property. We will provide expert information about damage and provide a cost estimate for roof restoration work. We’ll make sure your insurance adjuster is aware of all damage and make an informed, professional case for the work we propose. We’ll also communicate with you to help you understand all aspects of the situation.

Prepare for Repairs or Restoration – Once the extent of the damage and the required repairs and materials are agreed to by you, your insurance company and us, we’ll be ready to start on the repairs. We’ll work with you and your insurance company to make the case for proper repair. We’ll always represent your interests, and work closely with the insurance company. They want to pay you for the actual repairs, but only for needed repairs.

After Insurance Reimbursement – Typically, your insurance company will issue you a check for the first payment of the claim settlement. All checks are paid to you. When you forward that check to us, we’ll order materials and begin the restoration work. We’ll get the job done efficiently and promptly, since there is no time to waste.

Completion of the Restoration – When our work is finished to your satisfaction, we’ll submit an invoice for the complete job to you and the insurance company that will send you a check for the balance of the work. You will again forward the check to us to finish paying for our work.

Denver’s Trusted Storm Damage Roof Restoration Company

The process of restoring a roof damaged by weather may seem complicated to you, but it’s a familiar one for us at Incline Roofing. We’ve worked with insurance companies and property owners many times and know how to streamline the process and get your roof restored as quickly as possible. Homeowner’s insurance companies know us and know that our damage assessments are accurate. Homeowners know that we’ll do a top quality job on their roof restoration project. We’ll work closely with you and your insurance company to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Call us as soon as you suspect you may have suffered weather or other damage to your roof. We’ll work tirelessly to help restore your roof to like-new condition.

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