Hail & Storm Damage Repair

How to Spot Hail & Storm Damage to Your Roof

The entire Denver metropolitan area, including foothill communities and extending to the Boulder area is subject, at times, to extreme weather conditions. In any given year, strong thunderstorms, high winds, and blizzard conditions during the winter months cause roof damage in the area. It’s all part of living in one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Homeowners and commercial property owners insure themselves against these risks as a matter of course, just in case their property is damaged. As a leading roofing contractor in the Denver area, part of our work each year involves working with insurance companies and property owners to handle roof repairs and even replacement when storms pass through the area. Here are some tips you can use to evaluate your roof after a severe storm:

Storm or Large Hail Damage Isn’t Always Obvious – Once the hail and high winds have passed, homeowners go outside and look at their roofs to see if they can spot broken, cracked or missing shingles. In some cases, the damage is easy to see in the shingles. However, your roof can be damaged without showing any visible signs. If you suspect that damage might have occurred, an inspection by a roofing contractor should be done.

Large Hail Can Severely Damage Your Roof – Any time hailstorms larger than marble size hit your roof, there’s a good chance that there was damage, even if it isn’t immediately visible. The larger the hail and the longer the hailstorm lasts, the more likely it is that the integrity of the shingles is affected. After a storm that produces large hail, your roof should be inspected.

High Winds Are a Common Cause of Roof Damage – Sustained high winds, over 50 mph, can cause seriously affect most types of roofs. If shingles are lifted by the winds, they can be broken and weakened, even if the problem isn’t immediately apparent. Adhesive strips on composition shingles can fail, as well, and other roofing types are also subject to wind damage. If high winds occur during torrential rain or heavy snowfall, water or snow can be forced under shingles, causing leaks and other problems. In addition, falling tree branches or even trees can damage any roof. A thorough inspection by a reputable roofing contractor is necessary.

Heavy Snowfalls Can Accumulate Dangerously – While Colorado area roofs are designed to handle typical snow loads, a series of heavy snowstorms can cause accumulations that seriously test those designs. Professional snow removal may be required in such cases, especially on flat and low-slope roofs. If you’re concerned about snow loads, contact us. We can remove snow safely and properly and prevent expensive repairs.

Ice Dams Can Create Costly Water Leaks – Every winter, especially when weather conditions cause heavy snow accumulations, the telltale signs of ice dams can be seen throughout the Denver area. Large icicles hanging from eaves and valleys on roofs are a clear indication of an ice dam. Behind that ice on your eaves, water melting can pool and infiltrate under your roofing materials, and then leak down into walls and cause expensive water damage. Proper attic insulation and roof ventilation can help minimize ice dams, and properly installed roofs include ice and water membranes that further reduce the risks. But professional removal of ice dams and snow accumulations may be needed when they occur. Call Incline Roofing for professional ice dam and snow removal services.

Roof Damage Prevention & Repair Services – Denver Metro Area

As a leading roofing contractor serving the greater Denver metro area and Boulder, Incline Roofing is your best choice when you’re concerned about roof damage from storms, winds, hail, and snow. One call to us will bring a highly skilled roofer to your property to inspect your roof and detect any problem. We also provide snow and ice dam removal services, and can safely remove tree branches and other debris from your roof. If problems are found, our experience in working with insurance companies on claims assures you that necessary repairs will be made properly, promptly, and efficiently. Contact us immediately after a severe storm, and we’ll assist you in every way.

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