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In the Denver area, a wide range of single-family homes, multi-family residential properties and commercial buildings have flat roofs or low-slope roofs with pitches of less than 2” per foot. The roofs for these buildings have unique needs, and can’t use the same roofing materials that are used on more typical single-family homes. In Colorado, our snowy winters and occasional rain deluges during the rest of the year make high demands on flat and low slope roofs. Only the best roofing materials, installed by well-trained, experienced roofers can provide adequate protection for flat-roofed buildings. As a leading residential and commercial roofing contractor in the Denver area, we are the roofer of choice for homes and commercial buildings. Our uncompromising dedication to supplying only the very best roofing products and our meticulous attention to detail in installation assures our customers of complete satisfaction.

Roofing design and materials for flat and low-slope roofs require a seamless waterproof membrane covering the entire roof. Where vent and chimney penetrations and rooftop mechanical equipment are present, special care is required for properly sealing. During the winter months, the roof must also withstand accumulated snow and ice that slowly and continuously melts. During torrential rains, the roof must drain properly and get water off the roof safely and efficiently. Leaks can cause costly damage to both a building’s structure and its interiors. At Incline Roofing, we understand the requirements of Colorado’s flat and low-slope roofs, and install and maintain affordable durable roofs, using materials to suit each building’s design, including:

EPDM Synthetic Rubber Membrane – Specially formulated synthetic rubber materials, produced by leading manufacturers, are designed to handle any combination of harsh sunlight, temperature variations, and severe weather conditions. EPDM roofing materials are one of the most-used materials for flat and low slope roofs in the Denver area. Installed to form a continuous, unbroken waterproof membrane, an EPDM roof forms a barrier that is impervious to water. Proper installation requires meticulous attention to detail and extensive experience. The seasoned roofers with our locally owned Colorado roofing company have the extensive training, experience and equipment needed to install high-quality EPDM roofs for any building, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our meticulous installations and total focus on quality is your assurance of a durable, EPDM leak-proof roof.

Granulated Modified Bitumen – Made of a mat of synthetic materials, saturated with a modified bitumen material and coated with ceramic coated granules, this material is installed to create a waterproof membrane on flat and low slow roofs. Each installation is a multi-layer process, custom suited to each individual design. Modified bitumen is supplied in rolls, which are installed with overlapping seams. Those seams are sealed with adhesives or heat welding. Special attention is required to seal around penetrations, flashing, and mechanical equipment curbs. The experienced, resourceful roofers with our trusted Denver roofing company install modified bitumen roofs efficiently and professionally, assuring you of a long lasting, trouble-free roof.

Other Flat Roof Membrane Materials – In recent years, manufacturers have introduced additional membrane materials to meet the requirements of a wide range of flat roof designs. We also install these new materials expertly and in full compliance with manufacturers’ requirements. If your particular roof requires these materials, you can count on our expertise, regardless of the specified materials.

Flat & Low-Slope Roof Maintenance & Repairs – As a leader in flat and low-slope roofing service in Denver and Boulder, we also maintain and repair all EPDM and modified bitumen roofs throughout the region. We bring our expertise and quality-oriented dedication to find solutions for any problems. Our repair services are cost-effective and professional.

Free Cost Estimates – One of our experienced roofers will be happy to assist you by providing an accurate cost estimate for your flat or low-slope roof. We’ll assist you in selecting materials, evaluate your requirements and provide you with a highly competitive price estimate. Just call us for a quick response.

Commercial & Residential Flat Roof Contractor in Denver, CO

Incline Roofing offers extensive expertise and experience in flat and low-slope roofing throughout the greater Denver metro area. For EPDM and modified bitumen roofing installation and repairs, along with other membrane materials, one call to us brings our experts to your location. Our price estimates are always competitive and our superior attention to quality in materials and workmanship assure you of maximum value for your investment in quality roofing. Contact us at any time to discuss your residential, multi-family or commercial flat and low-slope roofing needs.

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