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In the past, homeowners seeking a natural roofing material with a unique appearance often chose natural red cedar shakes and shingles. Their distinctive appearance, natural weathering process, and organic nature had great appeal for Colorado homeowners, and continue to have that appeal. Today, though, the seasoned roofers at Incline Roofing, a leader in Denver roofing companies, are installing fewer and fewer western red cedar shake and shingle roofs. Homeowners who traditionally chose red cedar shakes for their roofing are now choosing alternative roofing materials more and more. While we still expertly install cedar shake roofs for customers who choose them, we’re often finding that customers prefer alternatives that offer all of the benefits of a cedar shake roof, but none of the drawbacks.

Cedar Shake Roofs Are Beautiful, but Have Special Issues in the Denver Area

As a natural wood product, cedar shakes are very attractive in appearance and their slow weathering process continues to add dignity to homes over the decades. However, the fact that they are made of wood also creates issues in our mountain and foothill communities. Although treated red cedar shakes and shingles are more fire resistant than untreated materials, that fire resistance slowly fades over time. In recent years, more and more cities and other jurisdictions are prohibiting the use of cedar shakes and shingles. Even though specific installation methods can create a Class A roof using treated cedar shingles and special underlayments, insurance companies, too, prefer other roofing materials in Colorado.

The high cost of cedar shake roofs, continuing maintenance requirements and the meticulous installation procedures that increase the labor costs of installing a cedar shake roof, along with the local prohibitions and flammability issues, convince most Denver area homeowners to choose alternatives today. In our free consultations with homeowners, we present a wide range of options and help property owners understand the pros and cons of each type of material so they can make the best decisions for their property and budget. What we find is that most homeowners choose one of the materials below, rather than cedar shakes, once they have all the facts:

Laminated Architectural Shingles – These roofing materials manufactured by companies with long histories in the industry, including CertainTeed, GAF and others, offer alternatives to cedar shingles that provide a three-dimensional appearance, random widths, and come in colors that closely resemble a traditional cedar shake roof. With manufacturers’ limited warranties that can even be for a lifetime, and installation flexibility that provides maximum protection for your roof, these products are a very popular alternative for cedar shake roofs on any home.

Synthetic Slate Roofs – Traditional quarried slate, with its unique appearance, has also been a popular choice for luxurious homes, and has competed in the past with cedar shakes for their unique appearance and endurance. Today, quarried slate is rarely used, but manufacturers have created synthetic slate tiles that duplicate the appearance of natural slate, but are easier to install and cost far less than a natural slate roof.

Steel & Aluminum Metal Roofing – Metal roofs, with their fireproof nature, natural snow shedding qualities, and long life qualities, are also a popular alternative to cedar shake roofs in today’s market. From steel standing seam roofs to new interlocking aluminum roofing options, a metal roof gives homes a unique, luxurious appearance with none of the drawbacks of a traditional cedar roof.

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At Incline Exteriors Roofing, our experienced roofers still expertly and meticulously install cedar shake roofs for homeowners in Colorado communities where they are still allowed. When you contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and cost estimate, we’ll also show a wide range of options for your roof, and give you all the pros and cons for each type of roofing material. We’ll provide accurate estimates that give you a clear picture of the cost for your new high quality roof, and let you make the decision that is best for you. At our Denver roofing company, your complete satisfaction is our highest priority.

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